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Funny Sculptures by Mike K Viner - official replicas

Our replicas catalogue will keep on growing gradually

Dear friends!

Original gifts for your friends

We are glad to see you at Mike K. Vinner’s site, which is dedicated to high-quality 3D printed miniatures of his unique sculptures.

Here you will find the replicas of the artist’s caricature works made with special attention to each detail and with a good sense of humor at the same time. These 3D printed miniatures will become wonderful and original gifts for your friends or for yourself.

The 3D printed sculptures represented at our catalogue are the official replicas of Mike K. Vinner's works. He is a world-renowned artist whose caricature sculptures are especially popular among collectors and sculptures-hunters.

However, the artist wants to make his works available for the broader audience, that’s why he has decided to create this special collection of replicas made of full color sandstone and wood cellulose block.

Unique sculptures of original art works are copied with the help of 3D printing technology which allows us to save the same form, colors and even the same mood of a caricature.

Any replica of our new collection will become a wonderful gift for a real connoisseur of caricature sculpture and produced in limited edition. 

Who are the main heroes of Mike K. Vinner’s caricatures?

You will find a lot of interesting and funny caricatures of celebrities, pop-icons and artists among original Mike’s works.

Some of them have already been represented in 3D-miniatures. Our catalogue is going to grow in the nearest future. Subscribe to our e-mail list, and we will keep you updated on our new arrivals.

There are three different sizes of 3D-miniatures available. Choose yours in our catalogue right now.

How to buy 3D printed miniatures of caricature sculptures?

Visit our catalogue and choose the 3D printed miniature you like the most. Add sculpture to your cart and fill the special form with your data on the site.

Different payment options (including PayPal) are available.

We deliver your orders with the help of reliable EMS Express service all over the world. All sculptures are delivered in special shockproof boxes and with the certificate of origin singed by the artist himself. EMS Express shipping usually takes about 5-8 days in Europe and 7-12 days worldwide.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail or using the site form.

Catalogue of replicas


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